CocoVandiXXX – Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church Complete – ManyVids


CocoVandiXXX – Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church Complete – ManyVids
This is the Full and Complete Series of Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church, it stars Coco Vandi. this is a taboo milf religious cheating cuckold series, you can buy all 4 clips here at a discount

Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church Pt 1
Taboo, MILF, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, POV
It was Sunday morning and i was hoping to rest but my mom can in to get me up for church. i told her i was tied and didn’t want to go, i really just wanted to relax and jerk off. she said no way and that dad was being really pushy to get us all around for church. so i said ok i was getting up, she said since we were running late that i might not have time to take a shower, then she left the room. i had super raging morning wood and didn’t know what i would do with out a shower. i went in to the bathroom and told mom i might need to miss church and she said no way. i told her i had a problem and she said she need more then that from me if she was gonna help get dad off my case. so i just told her the truth and she as a little shocked and then told me to go back in my room and take care of it. i was back in my room knowing i didnt have long since dad said we needed to leave soon, i was stroking it extra hard when mom just burst into my room. she said she was bringing me a towel and wanted to know if i was finished, she said dad was getting a little crazy. I said no it was taking me a while, i told her i was really trying to she offered to help stimulate me, she started showing me her tits and ass right there in my bedroom with my dad right outside. she kept encouraging me to cum and when i did she helped me get cleaned up. im gonna be looking forward to church next Sunday! This is part 1 of Mom Helps Son Cum For Church, it stars Coco Vandi and is a Taboo JOI Masturbation Encouragement, there is nudity but no sex in this scene

Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church Part 2
Taboo, MILF, Handjobs, Cuckolding, Older Woman / Younger Man
Mom came into wake me up for church just like last week, but just like last week i had a raging hard on. so when she came into my room i was jerking it hard, she startled me so i tried to hide it. mom told me to get up but i showed her my hard dick and said i still need to take care of it and i asked if she could help me like she did last week. she argued for a little bit but eventually she agreed. while mom was teasing and showing me her tits dad knocked on the door. we both jumped and my mom told me to stay in bed and she would talk to him, mom poked her head out of my door and i kept stroking it. mom told dad i was up and she would be out soon, she closed the door and came back over. mom told me i had to hurry but i said it wasn’t working and that i couldn’t cum. i told her i didn’t know what to do, could she help me? she asked what i meant and i told her that maybe she could use her hand to help me cum faster and then we could make it to church on time? she was stunned but u begged and pleaded with her and she finally agreed. my sexy topless Jesus loving mom stroked to an amazing orgasm! This is Part 2 of Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church, it stars Coco Vandi and is a POV Taboo Handjob scene

Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church Part 3
Taboo, MILF, Religious, Blowjob, POV
Mom came into my room to wake me for church like normal and i had my regular morning wood. she was tense and stressed like she is ever Sunday before church, she told he to hurry up and get ready. i asked her if she could help me with my boner like she did last week, she didn’t hesitate to say no. i asked why and she said i was a big boy and i needed to handle that myself. mom told me to hurry up and said she was gonna take her shower and left my room. i decided to push my luck a little further and snuck into the bathroom naked when mom was getting out of her shower. she was shocked and asked what i was doing, i told her i could take care of my boner and i need her help. she said fine and asked for my lube , i told her i left it in my room. she asked what we were suppose to do, i mentioned she could do something else. like what she said, i said maybe she could use her mouth. she was stunned but with my begging and her knowing we needed to hurry so she agreed. i stood in the bathroom while my naked mom sucked my dick, after a few minutes i was worried about getting caught so mom told he to go back to my room and wait for her. mom met me in my room and continued our first mother son blowjob! after a few minutes i knew i was gonna cum then i got a really naughty idea. when i did cum i grabbed the back of mom’s head and filled her throat with my load. to mom s credit she kept right on sucking and swallowed my load, i told her thanks and said id get ready for church. This is part 3 of Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church Part 3, it stars Coco Vandi and is a POV Taboo Blowjob scene

Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church Part 4
Taboo, MILF, Religious, Cuckolding, POV
i was playing with my boner on Sunday morning like normal when i thought i heard dad’s car pull out of the drive way. i thought that was weird since we were suppose to go t church like every Sunday but i decided to keep playing with myself. mom came into my room and i asked if it was time to get up for church, she said not today. i guess her and dad had got into a fight and mom told him that he could just go to church on his own today. so i asked if that meant i could just stay in bed all day, she smiled and said yep! so then i asked since it was still Sunday if she could help like she always does and i showed her my hard dick. she smiled and said sure baby. my beautiful mom got naked and started sucking my cock, after while she decided to ride it. i fucked her in a bunch of different positions and while she was cumming i told her to cum for Jesus since it was Sunday and all. i ended up creampie my sexy mom while my loser dad sat in church. This is part 4 of Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church, it stars Coco Vandi and is a POV Taboo Sex scene