Family Manipulation Tucker Stevens in “That’s Not The Remote Step-Mom!


Family Manipulation Tucker Stevens in “That’s Not The Remote Step-Mom!
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After listening in on step-mom’s private conversation, I found out some interesting information… Apparently step-mom has been listening to me having sex recently! Most guys might freak out knowing that their step-mom has been pleasuring herself to the sounds coming from their room. But not me, I found it rather arousing to be honest. So I suggest to her that we should have a movie night just like we used to when I was young. We can definitely use some good bonding time…

Oh nice you brought popcorn!

Of course step-mom! We can’t have a movie night without it!

You’re the best sweetie, I’m so glad that we’re doing this…

Step-Mom let’s out a sigh and starts searching through movies for us to watch.

Is everything alright?

Yeah I’ve just got a lot on my mind, and your step-father constantly going out of town has been tough on me.

Well why don’t you relax and I’ll rub your shoulders to help relieve some of the tension…

Step-Mom turns around so I can tackle some of those knots in her back and help loosen her up

So what’s going on between you and your girlfriend?

Oh we actually broke up a few days ago…

I’m so sorry to hear that sweet heart!

Don’t worry about it, I’ll be ok..

I notice step-mom biting her lip and rubbing her legs… So I take the risk and begin to grope my step-mom. She throws her head and even moans a bit; she was definitely enjoying this rub down! But before things could escalate too much, step-mom says we should stop and pay attention to the movie.

Step-Mom’s in for a pleasant surprise when she grabs what she thinks is the remote… but is actually my rock hard cock!

Omg I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do that! I thought that was the remote!

It’s ok step-mom, it’s not that bad… Plus I heard you talking about touching yourself while listening to me having sex.

What?! You were listening to my private conversation?!

Before step-mom gets too heated about me eavesdropping, I take her hand and wrap it around my cock

I know this is what you want…

We shouldn’t be doing this!

Well you said that step-dad isn’t giving you enough attention… Let me make you feel good step-mom

As long as this stays between us, I would love to feel you inside of me…

No one has to know about this, trust me step-mom.

Watch my petite step-mother ride and worship my huge cock. It’s obvious step-dad hasn’t been treating her right, so now it’s my turn to step up and give step-mom what she has been missing!

Her pussy felt unreal and it isn’t long before I pump her pussy full with my sticky white load as she begs me to cum inside of her! There’s nothing like some good old fashioned step-mother step-son bonding time to bring a family closer together!