WCA Productions Sadie Holmes Coco Vandi – Mom and Aunt Visit Military Son Complete Manyvids


WCA Productions Sadie Holmes Coco Vandi – Mom and Aunt Visit Military Son Complete Manyvids
This is the full collection of the Mom Fucks Military Son Series, this series is almost 2 hours of hot mom son aunt sister and daughter taboo action. this series stars Coco Vandi, Sadie Holmes, Kendra Heart and Anastasia Rose. this series follows a young man in the military who gets to fuck all the woman in his family because its there patriotic duty! included in this series are the following titles Mom Fucks Son Before Bootcamp Mom Fucks Military Son Home On Leave Mom And Aunt Visit and Fuck Military Son Part 1&2 Mom And Sister Fuck Military Son Parts 1&2 Mom Fucks Military Son And Fiance Part 1&2 You could buy all these titles separately for more money or you could by them all here at once for a discount

Mom & Aunt Visit Military Son Pt 1
Taboo, MILF, POV, Blowjob, Military
My mom told me a while back that her and my aunt wanted to come see me when i got my next leave, when i did they booked and flight and a hotel room. they wanted to make a fun trip out of it and i didn’t want to stay in the barracks while on leave so i decide to stay with them. when i got to there room we chatted for a bit, mom and aunt Sadie looked so good. aunt said left the room for a minute and i turned to mom and asked when we were gonna be able to play, ( she had fucked me before i left for bootcamp and when i came home on leave) she told me to be patient and that we would find time! that night on the couch i couldn’t relax so i crept into the room that mom and aunt Sadie were sharing. i woke mom up and got her to blow me in the living room, after a few minutes i though i heard something. we waited for a sec but nothing happened, then my aunt busted out of the bed room screaming at my mom and asking what she was doing. she kept saying that’s your son that’s your son, after a little bit of explaining aunt Sadie calmed down, she kinda understood why mom did it and said she would keep our secret. with some more smooth talking my aunt joined in, i got the best blowjob of my life from my mom and aunt, we all went to bed together, i cant wait for the morning! This is part 1 of Mom and Aunt Visit Military Son, it stars Sadie Holmes and Coco Vandi,it is a POV Taboo Blowjob scene

Mom And Aunt Fuck Military Son Part 2
Taboo, MILF, Military, POV, Threesome
Im deploying soon and my mom and aunt flew out to visit me before i go. i was granted leave and headed to meet them at there hotel, we made some small talk and had a great time. after they went to bed i got my mom back up and convinced her to suck my dick in the living room. in the middle of the blowjob my aunt caught us and eventually because i was deploying she joined it. i was in heaven, when the sun came up this morning and i was still in bed with my topless mom and aunt. i said good morning to both of them and they smiled and giggled back, i then asked if before we got the day started if they could help me out again like last night? my aunt said since i was deploying why not, and then my mom started sucking my cock. my aunt quickly joined in and once again i had two hot milfs who i happened to be related to sucking my dick. i asked them both to get naked for me and they did and then we fucked!! i pounded them in every position i could think of until i creampied my aunt! i cant wait till i get back from deployment. This is part 2 in Mom And Aunt Visit Military Son, it Stars Coco Vandi and Sadie Holmes and is a POV Taboo Sex scene